Self Fit Hearing Aids
Next generation, premium, mass market hearing aids
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Self Fit AI
High frequencies
Stream music
Artificial Intelligence precisely fits your OoshEars to your unique hearing with a quick hearing test using your smartphone
Hear birds singing again. OoshEars enhance hearing up to 10 kHz
Stream HD music and phone calls directly to your hearing aids via Bluetooth 5
Hear the whole day
Swappable rechargeable batteries that last 20 hours. With backup batteries in the case
Modern design. Small size. Comfortable to wear. This is no longer a hearing aid, it's a Hearwear.
Different stylish colors - silver, graphite and copper pink
Adaptive feedback cancellation
Environmental classification
Adaptive noise reduction
33 band EQ
Core team
Andrii Stetsovskyi
15 years of experience in the management of different types of businesses.
Dr. Karen Arman Pivazyan
Co-Founder and Chairman
Arman is an experienced serial IT entrepreneur, with degrees from Stanford University and MIT.
Eugene Zhebko
Co-Founder and CTO
Eugene is an experienced EE entrepreneur and a professional musician.
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About Us
A diverse team of engineers and designers, we have struggled with hearing loss. Unable to find good hearing aids for ourselves, we created OoshEars.
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